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Evolution Properties are a market leader in the residential property sector within the Ashford area whether its Sales or Lettings that you need.

Here at Evolution, we believe that each property sale situation is unique and that the services we provide should be as adaptable and comprehensive as possible to achieve a profitable and efficient sale.

We are here to help you buy, sell or let your next property and our mission is simple – to do the very best job we can ensuring we exceed your expectations every time you deal with us.

The key steps involved with selling a property are summarised below. If you need any further information or advice, please don't hesitate to contact us.


What should I expect from my Estate Agent?

Selling your home is a huge decision. Not only are there the practical things to consider like “How much will it sell for?”, “How much will it cost me?”, “How long will it take?”, there are also the emotional and physical demands that the process can place on you and your family. Your chosen estate agent needs to be there to help you through this process, and to take some of the difficulty out of the transaction.

Potential agent checklist:

  • Achieve the best price
  • Local & National advertising
  • Competitively priced marketing packages
  • UKALA accredited sales staff
  • Accompanied viewings
  • In-house Financial Advisor
  • Available 7 days a week
  • Great client testimonies 

Best agency = Evolution

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I want to deal with someone who cares...

Evolution was founded on the core beliefs that customer service and communication are the fundamental requirements successful property business. We are not part of an unwieldy corporate chain or an out of touch franchised outlet but an owner operated business with just one clear objective - customer satisfaction. It motivates us to care about every single thing that happens within our company. It inspires us to constantly improve our service and that keeps us where we want to be - at the top of our game.

One of the reasons Evolution stands out from the crowd is our independence.

Our fully trained team all work to ensure that you don’t become just another client with another property. You’re our priority at all times and we are dealing with your property. You can reach us during the usual office hours but beyond that, we will still communicate with you via email or even social media if you prefer.

Contact us to find out more about what we offer you.

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How will my property be presented?

You only get one chance to make a first impression

All our property particulars are produced to superior standards, giving comprehensive, clear and accurate representation. We take pride in taking the right photo so please don’t be embarrassed if we want to help you finish that washing up or making the bed! We also include detailed floor plans that are proven to help secure quality viewings.

Did you know that if Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest in the World?

As soon as your property is ready for the market, we will text, email and phone our extensive database of pre-qualified potential buyers. These are clients that have expressed an interest in homes like yours, have a proven financial ability to proceed with a purchase and are in a position to do so.  Alongside this we will begin the process to get your property advertised on the UK’s leading property website, Rightmove, as well as through our own website and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. We make sure that as many people as possible know about your property.

Contact us to learn more about our marketing.

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Can you sell my property at the best price, in the desired timescale?

We will aim to achieve the best possible price for your home by getting things right from the start. We will value your property using our local database of sold properties and extensive experience to ensure we advise you of the most suitable price to begin marketing your home. We will take the time to talk to you about your house move and find out about your needs and expectations.

We will gain feedback about your home from viewings so that we can ensure we are maximising each and every opportunity and keep you updated. We also analyse marketing updates from Rightmove, so that we can advise you on how your home is performing on the open market.

Our commitment to you is that we won’t just put your property on the market, we will work hard to sell it!

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Help...I keep missing out on my dream home!

Welcome to Evolution Extra Care

The dilemma – You want to move home but every time a property comes to the market that you are interested in, it is sold to a buyer in a stronger position whilst you are still thinking about what you need to do to sell your own home! We know how frustrating this can be for our clients but we can help…

The solution – We get everything ready so that your property can be marketed at the touch of a button. We take photographs, prepare the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and floor plan as well as proofs for the brochure. You are then ready to go and if the right property comes along, our team of experts will market your property immediately and effectively to find you a buyer so that you can make an offer on your dream home as quickly as possible.

This is an extra service but with no extra charge!

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Why do you ask to see personal documentation?

Since 2007, when Money Laundering Regulations came into force following the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, all estate agents have a legal responsibility to ensure compliance with the regulations set out.

We are monitored by Trading Standards, meaning we are obliged to verify the identity of clients that we act for, be they vendors or buyers. Our staff will ask you to produce certain pieces of documentation, which are approved under the Regulations. In addition to this we will need to see proof of address, although a current utility bill will suffice.

We will require the original of one of the following documents:-

  • Current UK Photo Driving Licence
  • National Identity Card
  • Passport
  • UK Armed Forces Services Card
  • Police/Other Government ID Card
  • Firearms Certificate

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What is an EPC and why do I need one?

EPCs give information on how to make your home more energy efficient and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. If you are buying, selling, letting or renting a property you now need a certificate by law. From October 2008 EPCs have been required whenever a building is constructed, sold or rented.

EPCs carry ratings that compare the current energy efficiency and estimated costs of energy use with potential figures that your home could achieve. Potential figures are calculated by estimating what the energy efficiency and energy costs could be if energy saving measures were put in place.

EPCs also provide a detailed recommendation report showing how you could reduce the amount of energy you use and your carbon dioxide emissions. The report lists:

  • Suggested improvements such as fitting loft insulation
  • Possible cost savings per year, if the improvements are made
  • How the recommendations would change the energy efficiency rating of the property
  • Which improvements may be eligible for funding through the Green Deal

The Green Deal

The Green Deal was launched in October 2012. It may be able to help you make the property you live in warmer, more energy efficient and cheaper to run, without having to pay for the work up front. You choose which eligible energy saving improvements you want to make to your home. You then pay for the improvements over time through your electricity bill, at a level no greater than the estimated savings to energy bills.

If you move home, the Green Deal charge stays with the property and the repayments pass to the new bill payer. You can apply whether you’re a tenant or an owner and you might be eligible for extra help if your household gets income-related benefits. For more information, see the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) website. There is no obligation for you to act on the recommendations in the final report. However, if you decide to do so, it could make your property more attractive for sale or rent by making the property energy efficient. It is also worth remembering the property you may be buying or renting will also have to have an EPC detailing how you could increase the efficiency of your new home and most importantly save you money.

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Negotiating the deal

Any offer received will be put forward to you verbally at the first available opportunity, and followed up in writing. You will need to make a response to any offer. If the initial offer is rejected and the purchaser decides to increase their offer, the process will simply be repeated.

We will make all best endeavours to qualify purchasers in advance of any viewings - but at the very latest, at offer time. By "qualify" we mean that we will formally check their status and ability to proceed with any offer they make. In order for us to do this, we will ask for contact details of their broker or mortgage lender, and any estate agent dealing with their current property sale.  

You will need to instruct a solicitor/conveyancer to act for you in the sale. It is only when this information has been provided and we have contacted the necessary parties for verification of your purchasers' situation that we will consider whether it would be pertinent to stop showing your property to other prospective purchasers.

It is at this stage that we will try to make you aware of any chain implications and the likely timescale of any agreed transaction. Due to the nature of the buying process, it is important to note and understand that any information provided by us concerning the transaction chain is not guaranteed and could change at any time. However, regular liaison will be made with legal parties acting on both your and your buyers behalf to ensure we can keep you abreast of progress on a timely basis.

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Completing the transaction

Once you have accepted an offer the legal process starts to arrange for contracts to be drawn up and agreed, to confirm payment is made for your property, and that legal title is properly transferred to your buyer.

To support these activities you (and your buyer) will need to instruct a solicitor or conveyancer to do this work on your behalf.

The choice of who will act for you is entirely at your discretion but to help you with this, we promote a range of different and very competitive conveyancing options. Please contact us for further information.

Summary of the legal process
In summary, the overall legal process to exchange and complete contracts with your buyer generally takes the following steps:

  1. Terms are agreed between Seller and Buyer and both parties instruct their conveyancer to work for them.
  2. The Seller’s conveyancer obtains the Seller’s title deed and prepares the draft Contract for the Buyer’s conveyancer to approve
  3. The Seller’s conveyancer send to the Buyers conveyancer the draft Contract together with rest of the documentation needed to form the overall contractual package.
  4. The Buyer’s conveyancer reviews the detailed terms of the Contract, does the Searches and reviews the results, confirms that there is a Mortgage Offer in place, and also checks the readiness of any dependent sale (in the same chain) to proceed.
  5. Contracts are then signed and exchanged at which time a Completion Date is agreed between both parties.
  6. The Transfer Deed is prepared by the Buyer’s conveyancer and approved by the Seller’s conveyancer, and then signed in readiness for the Completion Date.
  7. The Buyer’s conveyancer obtains the funds for the purchase from the Buyer – either directly, or though the sale of his/her previous property – and the lender (if there is a Mortgage)
  8. On the Completion Date the Buyer’s conveyancer sends the required funds to the Seller’s conveyancer (on behalf of the Seller). When receipt of these funds is confirmed by the Sellers conveyancer, the purchase is deemed compete and the Buyer can take legal occupation.
  9. The Buyer’s conveyancer pays any Stamp Duty due, and registers the Buyer as the new owner of the property at the Land Registry

Our advice: The time it takes to progress through this stage is dependent on various factors – but the entire process could take at least 6-8 weeks. However, to speed up the process from your end, we recommend you instruct legal representation prior to finding a buyer as there are various things they can do well in advance, and hence save time later. This includes calling for your title deeds office copy entries and various other documents – all of which can take some time to get hold of. Its worth completing various documents in advance – such as the “Sellers Property Information Form” and “Fixture Fittings and Contents” declaration – as these will also help speed up things later.

In parallel to the legal process, one of more surveys may be commissioned on your property. If the Buyer requires a Mortgage their lender will make arrangements for a very basic survey (known as a Valuation) to provide assurances that it’s worth the price being offered for it. In addition to this, the Buyer may also commission a more comprehensive survey – which will assess in more detail the condition of the property and make appropriate recommendations.

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What else do you offer?

Having built our business from the ground up, relying heavily on priceless ‘word of mouth’ advertising from our thousands of happy customers, we feel we are in an excellent position to offer the best advice and support to any client, whether it’s their first home or their last.

Financial Advice

We have an in-house fully qualified, experienced mortgage broker, who has access to a whole host of available products. They are able to advise on mortgages, protection and general insurance, and are happy to meet face to face and discuss whatever your needs are.

Legal Services

In addition to the normal Estate Agency services, we work closely with a local solicitor who provides an unparalleled legal service for vendors and buyers alike, with competitive fees and dedicated customer service.

Manual Labour

Do you need a few jobs completing; painting to do, broken garage door to repair, garden overgrown? Just ask one of the team who will put you in touch with one of our trusted tradesmen partners.

Investment Opportunities

If you are looking for your first investment property or simply just wishing to add to your portfolio, please contact us and we will be delighted to advise and assist you

Landlord Services

Perhaps you are a current landlord looking to sell with tenants in situ, or looking to take a step back and let an agency manage your lettings portfolio. Whatever your need, Evolution is the agency for you.

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Please contact us for any further information, advice or help you may need to help you with buying your next home.



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