Top 5 property sale problems & advice

1. Help! There are more properties for sale in my area than there are buyers

Simple solution: “Firstly, it's important to do your research with regards to what properties are already for sale in the area that are similar or identical to your own. The market is very price sensitive so you need to be realistic on what you are asking. Other properties currently for sale, plus your preferred selling timescales, will dictate this. An estate agent will be able to advise you.

“Also, kerb appeal is very important. When potential buyers do an 'unofficial drive by' of your property it needs to stand out from the competition. The garden and property frontage should look their best and driveways should be neat, tidy and clear of weeds. A property needs to be presentable and inviting from the outside in order to persuade potential buyers to go and see the inside too.”

2. Help! I currently have a tenant living in the property on a rolling contract

Simple solution: “If a tenant is currently living in your property it is advisable to speak with them before any sales marketing begins. Be transparent from the offset and advise them of your intentions. Ensure they understand that there is no pressure for them to move out immediately and that once a buyer is found a two-month notice period will be given.

It's useful to incentivise your tenant in order to ensure they are flexible in terms of access for viewings and are keeping the property tidy and ready to be viewed.

You could perhaps offer to refund half a month or a month's rent if they comply and the property is successfully sold. This will help get the tenant on board with the process and incentivise them to keep the property viewing-ready at all times.

Alternatively, certain properties will appeal to investors and can be sold with a tenant still in situ. These properties are likely to be those with a rental income that has the potential to offer in excess of a 7% yield per year.”

3. Help! I'm nervous about doing the viewings

Simple solution: “Many people are nervous about showing prospective buyers around their property so the best way is to allow an estate agent to do this for you. Estate agents are well-rehearsed at the viewing process and will know how to actively 'sell' the property and its lifestyle potential.v

Also, feedback is vital when you are selling a property but buyers can be reluctant to reveal their true thoughts to a homeowner. It's much easier for them to be honest with an agent who will soon be able to identify what is holding them back from committing to your property.

Not all concerns can be overcome, of course, but an agent will know how to troubleshoot common objections and present the benefits of your property in the most appealing way possible.”

4. Help! I need a quick sale

Simple solution: “Vendors require a quick sale for a variety of reasons but whatever your specific needs there are a few handy guidelines you can follow. Firstly, you've got to be realistic on price – there needs to be 'clear blue water' between your property in terms of price and those that are similar in the area.

Secondly, you've got to make sure the property is presented to its very best, both inside and out. Thirdly, you've got to ensure there is 100% access availability to the property for viewings. Ensure your agent has a key to the property, plus permission to access at short-notice, so viewings can be organised at speed and no potential opportunities are missed.

Another thing to consider is selling at auction. Always make sure you fully understand what the cost implications of this are, such as registration fees and sales commission, before you commit.”

5. Help! I don't know which estate agent to choose

Simple solution: “Identify which agents operate in your area and then do your research about them carefully. Be mindful that not all estate agents are the same and levels of service offered will vary dramatically so don't simply make your choice based on price. Ask if they are members of any professional bodies.

It's also useful to read reviews and testimonials from other clients – these will give you valuable feedback and an indication of how their service will serve you. Evolution feedback can be found on our homepage via the following link -

Importantly, make sure you visit the office and meet your shortlist of agents in person too. They will be responsible for selling what is possibly one of your biggest assets and you are likely to be working alongside them for many weeks as the sale progresses.

It is vital that you are able to communicate with them comfortably and have confidence in their commitment to you and your property so your desired outcome can be achieved effectively, efficiently and with ease.”


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