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Sold your Home - Check Out These 7 Easy Moving Tips

You might feel as if you are ready to make a move but when you look around at all of your stuff, you realize that it isn't as ready as you are. It can be difficult to pack up everything for a move but when you take the proper steps, it is much easier. Use the following 7 tips and you will find that packing is not so hard after all.

7 Packing Tips for Moving Success after you Sell your House

These tips will help you to get ready to move in no time.

  1. Stop Procrastinating - It may sound easy to do but getting started is sometimes the hardest part. It is best if you start a few weeks early, taking care of a few boxes daily. Start with the items that you don't use regularly. Establish a pace and you will see that you are so organized when the real packing job comes that it will not be so overwhelming.
  1. Take Things One Room at a Time - Don't jump into the middle of everything and work in all directions; choose one area of a room and stick to it. If you are wrapping smaller items, use a highly visible paper and they will be less likely to be tossed.
  1. Use Packing Labels - Don't have any mystery boxes. Label each box clearly and include the room where it came from and a small description of the contents. Use different colored markers for each room to make it easier for the movers.
  1. Opt for Packing Paper - Newspaper may be cheaper but it could also ruin your items. White packing paper is a great option.
  1. Use Moving Boxes - According to Heavenly Care Moving Services many people find that it may be tempting to clear out the boxes from grocery and liquor stores but they are not truly designed for moving. Using moving boxes keeps things uniform and provides the strength you need.
  1. Don't Pack Everything - There may be some items you have in your home that would be considered hazardous. Don't pack them or you could be in legal trouble. We have a list of what you can't put in the moving truck.
  1. Watch Your Valuables - Don't be too quick to pack everything. If you have important valuables or family heirlooms, transport them yourself. This list of important items will include legal documents, important papers and valuable items. Decide what doesn't need packed ahead of time.

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