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Looking to rent a flat in Ashford? Well, follow these tips below to get off on the right foot and with no surprises.

Research when Renting a Flat is Key

You should really spend as much time researching a rental property as you would if you were purchasing. Research the area and make sure that you would be happy living there. If you have children, consider the schools as well as whether the area is safe. To get a feel for it, have a drive around it or even a walk and if you get the chance, speak to people who live there.

Take a look at the whole rental market

Try not to head straight for a high street estate agent and spend time looking at property management agencies as well as private landlords as this will help you to find out whether you are paying too much. There are many online websites available to look at that will ensure that you can cover the whole market, making it easy for you to get a feel for what you can get for your money.

Take your time when Renting a Flat in Ashford

Viewing rental properties can often be rushed process, but if you come across a property that you like, spend as much time looking at it as you want. Make sure you look at everything such as the central heating, dish washer, washing machine and check the general condition of the kitchen and bathroom. Put together a checklist and stick to it.

Find out about the Rental fees

Before making an offer, find out about the fees that agents charge for references and any other checks. It is common practice for agents to increase their fees so make sure you phone around to find out what others charge so that you have a rough idea.

Set up the correct payments for a Flat Rental

If you fail to make payments on time, then you can be sure that your agent or even your landlord won’t go out of their way to offer help when you need it. If you put the finances in place, including the deposit, first month’s rent as well as any other costs they will arrive on time and this will mean that you will be classed as a good tenant.

Go through the inventory with a fine-toothed comb

Do not ignore the inventory so go through it as soon as you move in. You will need to make sure that you go through absolutely everything because if you fail to do this, you are at risk of having money taking from the deposit that you put down. It is not just the furniture and contents that you have to go through because you will also have to make a note of the condition of the carpets and even the curtains. Once you have been through the list, if there is anything missing or things not included then you will need to let your landlord know.

Keep the landlord informed

If you come across any problems then you will need to inform the landlord. If you spot a problem with your dishwasher or refrigerator there is a chance that your landlord is not aware of it, so let them know. Do not hide away from reporting problems and remember that as a tenant, one of the things that you are paying for is the fact that you will not have to pay to put anything right. In fact, any decent landlord will want to know if things have gone wrong.      

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