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Where are the top 5 priciest world leader homes?

New research from has looked at five of the world’s most influential leaders, and their presidential properties, and discovered that despite his own booming property empire, President Trump is far from the top of the list – in fact, he’s coming in at number four.

The UK’s very own Prime Minister Theresa May is topping the list, with Number 10 Downing Street proving to be the priciest political property per square foot:

1. London: Prime Minister Theresa May’s Downing Street home - £2,105 per sq/ft

2. Moscow: President Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin palace – £930 per sq/ft

3. Paris: President François Hollande’s Élysée Palace residence - £819 per sq/ft

4. Washington: President Donald Trump’s White House abode - £457 per sq/ft

5. Berlin: Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Bundeskanzleramt flat - £314 per sq/ft

Brexit worries don’t seem to be shaking the foundations at Number 10, with the prices in SW1 reaching eye-watering heights: the 3,800 square-foot property (even without it’s obvious political prestige) would come in at a whopping £7,999,000!

With the Prime Minister’s famed love of a great pair of shoes, each shoe box has a floor space cost of around £1,052.50 – although how much wardrobe space there is behind the famous glossy black door has yet to be revealed.

Although Number 10 has pipped the top spot in the Leaderboard, in Mrs May’s first six months as Prime Minister, the average price of a terraced property in SW1 fell by 15% - however much of this panic could be attributed to the Brexit announcement that heralded her entry into the powerful position.

Before taking on his senior role in Washington, President Trump was based in New York. If the White House was in Midtown Manhattan - near the location of the iconic Trump Tower - President Trump would be storming up the Leadership Leaderboard, with an average price per square foot of £1,118.74.  There may be items like this there. 

Adam Male, co-founder of said: "With such iconic properties as the cornerstones of the world’s political stage, it’s impossible to put a ‘real’ price on the homes. It’s true that property prices in major cities always carry a premium, as well as being the political heart people are always keen to live in these busy, bustling areas.’

Who knows, with President Trump’s ‘golden touch’, we may even see a hike in prices in the Washington area over the next four years of his presidency – although whether it’ll be enough to topple London off the top spot is yet to be seen!"

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