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Have A Stress-Free Move after you Sell your Property in Ashford with these Great Tips

Moving after your sell your property in Ashford can be strenous and take time and effort - however it doesn't have to be a stressful experience. We've helped sell hundreds of homes in Ashford and have plenty of knowhow in this area. So, here are some tips on how to move after you sell your home in Ashford.

Write Out Your Own List

When you are moving tons of items, you need to have something to remind you exactly where you put your belongings. Create a list that will tell you where you have placed all of your belongings. You should start to write out this list before you even start placing the items into different boxes.

Purchase labels to place on your boxes. The labels will help you identify items based on which room you plan to put them in, such as kitchen utensils, bedroom decorations and living room furnishings.

Get Your Moving Supplies

Most moving companies will suggest that you either buy from them or make sure to purchase supplies in advance. When you are moving from one home to the next, you can expect to use a lot of boxes because you are going to be packing up so many belongings. It is better to have more than enough boxes than to not purchase enough and end up with a bunch of items that you cannot store away.

You could purchase boxes from the moving company or ask friends for boxes. Some of your friends may have old boxes that they are no longer using, so it does not hurt to ask. You could even go to your local grocery store to find out if they have any extra boxes available. Many grocery stores break them down and put them in the recycling bucket anyway, so why not ask if you can have them before they start breaking them down?

There are other supplies you will need to get. Along with boxes, you should make sure to purchase enough tape to seal those boxes up. You might even need some bubble wrap. The bubble wrap comes in handy for covering glass and ceramic items that could break easily during the transport.

Wardrobe Boxes

Some moving companies offer convenient wardrobe boxes. You might want to use these boxes to store away all kinds of items, including pillows from your bedroom, blankets that you would normally use and all of the clothes you have hanging up in your closet.

When you are packing items away in the wardrobe boxes, be mindful of how heavy you are making them. If you stuff too much stuff into one box, it could become extremely heavy. It may be too heavy for you to lift from one room to the next. Even if movers are helping you transport boxes, you should still be mindful of how much they weigh.

Try to Organize the Wardrobe Boxes -Property for Sale in Ashford

Instead of throwing a bunch of stuff into the wardrobe boxes, take the time to coordinate them while packing. If they are properly coordinated, you will have less work to do when you finally get to the new home. You could leave some of your shirts, dresses and accessories on hangers instead of removing them from the hangers. If you put them in the box while they are still on the hangers, you would be able to quickly put them in the closet of your new home without much of a fuss at all.

Use Colorful Stickers on Boxes

To easily identify the boxes that are loaded with assorted items in your home, consider using a sticker on each box. Make sure the sticker is a different color for each box so that you do not get confused and forget where you put certain items. You could put the same sticker on the door of certain rooms so that the movers do not waste time putting kitchen supplies upstairs or leave bedroom items in the kitchen for you to deal with.

Make Sure the Right Items Stay Together

There are certain items that just might go together. For example, you may have two lamps that sit on end tables in your living room. You might have certain appliances that come with different parts and components. Make sure you are packing these items together to avoid losing certain pieces that go together.

If you happen to lose things, you may feel extremely frustrated. Simply pack items that belong together in one box and then label that box so that you can easily identify what is inside of it without having to rummage through it. It will save you a lot of time as well as any unwanted stress that comes along with searching for certain items during a big move.

Start Packing in Advance - Property for Sale in Ashford

Why wait until the last minute to start packing your belongings? If you save it all for the last minute, you are going to feel angry and upset with all the work that goes into making such a drastic move. If there are certain items you are not currently using, start packing them up first. For example, if you are moving during the cold winter months, you may not need your shorts, tank tops and flip flops at the moment.

Anything that you will not need right at the moment should be packed away. You will thank yourself later for taking a few extra minutes each day to start adding items to the boxes before the big move date arrives.

Start Cleaning and Packing Your Cleaning Products

Before you put your cleaning products away in boxes, start cleaning the different rooms to ensure that they do not look dirty. Wipe down walls and windows. Spend time vacuuming, sweeping and mopping. The walls, windows and floors should look as good as possible.

Once you have finished cleaning certain areas of the home and no longer need to use certain cleaning products, simply pack them in boxes so that you can use them again once you get to your new home. There is no reason to keep the cleaning products out if you are not going to use them anymore in the old place.

Pack Stuff in Your Luggage

If you have luggage for traveling, take advantage of the available space. You could put all kinds of things inside suitcases and other luggage bags. These items may include DVD players, paper towels, toilet paper and different types of accessories. You could use fewer boxes by taking the time to stuff your luggage with items.

Keep the Valuables By Your Side

There are certain items that may be extremely valuable. These items could be sentimental to you, too. Instead of packing those items into boxes and placing them on the moving truck, consider waiting until the end to put them in boxes. Instead of placing them on the truck, you should drive over to your new home with them in your own vehicle.

Put Important Documents Together in a Folder

Any important documents that you need to keep should be placed together in a folder until you complete your move. While you may have plans to put them in a filing cabinet or drawer, it is important to keep those documents together during the move because you would not want to lose them. Some of these documents include records from the school, pay-stubs and even birth certificates.

Being ready to set up your services for after the move is also important, so ensure you have all the documentation you need for this. You will need a bill at your new address as well as other details to get energy, broadband and other additions set up.So, get these ready before you start to compare energy prices and get a broadband quote. Often these utilities take time to set up, so get this ready the earlier the better.

Moving from one home to the next is tiring. It takes a lot of work to pack and transport everything you own. However, it helps to have a plan. It is never a good idea to wait until the last minute to start getting things done because then you would probably feel overwhelmed.

If you're thinking of moving, check out our property for sale in Ashford, we have a great selection.

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