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Is it a world record? Clients finally buy after viewing over 130 properties (and it only took three years)

The tweet said: “World record? Client buys at last having been sent details of over 2,000 properties & viewed 130+ Twice under offer but then withdrew. #Phew”

We felt there was a story here, so asked the clearly relieved property finder, Henry Pryor, for more information.

He told us: “Mr & Mrs T started to look nearly three years ago and I was recommend to them as a ‘last resort’ by a selling agent who was getting scared by his postage bill!

“With a budget of £3m they could afford to be fussy perhaps, but between the three firms of Savills, Knight Frank and Strutt & Parker they were sent over 2,000 properties and viewed more than 130.

“To these totals you can add the local and regional agents too!

“I got involved to help them focus and to get their ducks in a line. They had been trying to sell their current home but had been too relaxed about that, so we first got them to concentrate on finding a buyer so that they were in a position to be ‘cash buyers’.

“They agreed terms to buy two properties but backed out of both, leaving some credibility issues which had to be overcome when they did eventually find the home they wanted to buy.

“Needless to say, what they have bought wasn’t what they had originally said they wanted, but as most selling agents will know, this is hardly unusual. “They have at least bought something. “Is it a record? I don’t know, but let’s hope that there aren’t too many buyers wanting to see quite so many homes before making up their mind.”

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