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This amazing young lady is doing it all again and we really want to help her over achieve the goal! We need all of you to help. Here is her Mums post on the amazing work she is doing!

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Just to let you all know the amazon wishlist is now working properly!!!!! Will be adding a few more bits to it as well!!!

Hi, Im Isobelle im 12, I have decided this year to collect items for

PORCHLIGHT - who help the homeless in Ashford, she is collecting * hats * gloves * scarves * sleeping bags * socks * toiletries such as deodorant, face wipes, soap etc

AND RSPCA ASHFORD GARDEN CATTERY - who help stray unwanted cats, she is collecting * wet food tins/pouches * dry cat biscuits * cat treats * blankets * cat toys * cat litter

I collected a huge amount last year and made the front page of the local paper... this year I would like to top this!!!!! I HAVE AN AMAZON WISH LIST

Hello. Please take a look at this list:

- if you chose something from this list it will be delivered straight to us. Mountain warehouse have already gifted gloves, hats & a sleeping bag!! AMAZING!!! If you could donate even one item I would be extremely grateful. I am planning on delivering this items after the 15th December. Mummy & I can collect from you, or you can bring to us. Whatever is easier.

Thank you so very much xx


We are more than happy for you to drop items to us or we are happy, where reasonable, to come and collect items as well.

You can call us on 01233 501601 or contact us via our Facebook page or contact page on our website.

Please do help and thank you so much!


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